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The Science Of The Commercial Media & Society

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With the rise in the monitory, political, social & advertising power of the commercial media, journalistic integrity & professional presentation of news & information has gone out the back in society. Integrity & professional standards are not underlying values in its industry anymore, turning news into soap opera’s, closet gossip, celebrity worship & product showcase time are. Along with the monopoly of money, power & greed underwriting its out of control industry. Those all-consuming entropy creating qualities, when they go out of control in powerful business organizations, become contagious & rampant in society. They also dissolve the positive qualities of integrity, honesty, harmony, mature reporting & professionalism…that should underwrite all communication mediums. To then be replaced by lip service, superficiality, self-aggrandizement, self-promotion, sensationalism, checkbook journalism, shock-jocks, corruption, abuse of power, the tabloids, gutter press, glossy product magazines and hubris in overdrive to round it off. Not to forget to mention multimillion television commercials, that put Hollywood to shame in their extravagance & costing. To inevitably be factored into the retail price & paid for by the consumer when purchasing its product. It would be interesting to know, how much the accelerating ‘cost of advertising’ adds to the accelerating ‘cost of living’ in affluent consumer driven Nations.

Note: What is worse, is that society unknowingly becomes infected with its saturated commercial driven superficial values…especially children, teenagers & young adults yet to reach maturity. As a accumulative result, society takes a nose dive on the ladder of social evolution without realizing it. Anything scandalous, seedy, unsavory, sexually stimulating & controversial in society, become the opportunistic tool of the commercial media to generate news and give the public what it wants…namely more of the dysfunctional same. By manipulating the facts & sensationally distorting its information to generate more 24/7 news, interspersed with products, celebrities and more television & radio advertising revenue of course. That is the sorry state of the immature all-powerful commercial media in the 21st century, that has been called progress & creating prosperity by those in the driving seat. Along with others allowing it to happen in society to fuel the economy. But, at what price to the psychological well-being of society. Because saturated advertising, is a form of brainwashing the vulnerable human mind with its superficial reality. As a result, the unsustainable ‘consumer age’ comes alive and so do the entropy creating wrong values driving its reality in Nations.

Q: So if things have got that bad in the media, how come no one is sounding the alarm bells in society.

A: To understand that lack of concern in society, we have to consider the following logical statements and connect its information to the question.

1. As a social species and one of many, we are instinctively driven to ‘follow the leader’ for preservation purposes. All social species in the animal kingdom, are underwritten by that survival code embedded in our shared primordial genes. That instinct, is one of numerable natural laws underwriting the process of evolution. Laws that flow through the biology & chemistry of a social species to enable it to survive & evolve.

2. The pecking order prevalent in all social species, is yet another survival code (natural law) at work in our universal genes. That reflects as the creation of social status and hierarchical organizations in human society. Again, that have evolved for its social survival. Linked to the Intelligence underwriting the universal phenomenon of evolution in all species…. not just the human being. A logical conclusion, that indicates all life has a yet to be uncovered common denominator of universal Intelligence underwriting its individual life-form. When life goes out of sync with that universal Intelligence…that we have called Nature, its evolution becomes interrupted and it faces the possibility of extinction in the process. A point of logic, that we fail to understand or want to understand as human beings.

3. The archetypal intelligence responsible for born natural leadership skills, can be called the charismatic alpha gene. It is instrumental in the workings of the above two survival codes, to facilitate their survival function and process in society. Learned leadership skills are just that, they are not natural and therefore do not have the primordial magnetism of the genuine article. A born leader, is the term we use to describe its natural phenomena.

Faroe stamp 430 The First Human Beings

Faroe stamp 430 The First Human Beings (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

4. All social species have a pecking order and a natural leader of the pack…the dominant alpha. This is the key to understanding the never-ending power games in human society, in the instinctive quest of the dominant alpha to be leader of the pack. We call this primordial instinct ‘ambition’ and it drives what we call competition & winning fueled by the ego. Those that have acquired that social status & power…by fair means or foul, naturally influence & even control societies direction, expression & reality. Like the pecking order instinct in a social species, it is a natural primordial driven universal phenomenon, not unnatural.

Note: What is unnatural, is that the sophisticated human species, is the only predatory species where this survival instinct goes out of control and corrupts society in the process. A re-occurring nemesis in society, when the dominant alpha with poor quality consciousness, succumbs to megalomania, bullying, vindictiveness & skullduggery, to achieve their aims and comply with its instinct. King of the castle, is a much prized and instinctive pursued desire of the dominant alpha in human society. It culminates in obtaining the triple elixir of adulation, power over others and the mandate to press all the buttons and make things happen in society. What more could life offer than that…especially in the political, big business, entertainment & media affairs of mankind.

5. With the above survival codes embedded in our genes, it is natural for human beings to follow leaders/celebrities/winners in any field of activity in society. The more acclaimed, saturated, revered and worshiped they become, the more power is generated out of those survival codes (natural laws) to influence the reality & direction of others. This Nature sourced & driven survival phenomena, produces what can be called ‘Synchronicity of Consciousness’ in a species. Where the part influences the whole and the whole becomes the influence of the part to lead its direction. Flocks of birds preparing to migrate, locusts swarming in plague mode, the synchronous action of schools of fish to escape a predator, is this obvious natural survival instinct in action across the species.

Note: Human beings once drawn to worship kings & queens in the past…and now, worshiping new age media fueled celebrities, winners & artists in the present, is this instinctive process in action. The invisible power of hypnosis, also has its primordial basis in this phenomena of the law of ‘Synchronicity of Consciousness. Along with the instant spread of teenage fads and other sudden mass hysteria appearing in society. A phenomenon that marketing & advertising geniuses may not understand, but certainly put to dysfunctional psychological use in selling products and exploiting the vulnerability of the human mind. Surely it is time for society, to come out of its physical only reality and understand the logical Intelligence that must underwrite life, Nature & its evolution…especially science. Then it will understand, what it currently places in the too hard basket and refuses to understand.

6. Human beings are not born equal in any shape or form. The archetypal intelligence that manifests as the physical biology & chemistry of life, is of varying ratio in all the physiological components of life…including the mind. That is why no human being is exactly identical and why, some have stronger instincts and natural abilities that set them apart from the rest in society. The specific archetypal intelligence (gene) responsible for any inherent ability, is due to the quality of that specific archetypal intelligence found highly concentrated in that gene. Thus the individual is born with that concentrated archetypal blueprint in its physiology…including the I.Q. capacity of the mind.

7. The I.Q. capacity of the mind and its born gifts & talents that society worships, has nothing to do with the ‘quality of consciousness’ of the mind. A variable quality across the ranks of society that again, we are born with and is a indication in its altruistic expression, of how evolved the human being is on the ladder of evolution. How the individual expresses itself in its desires, ambitions, direction and interaction with others in life, is an indicator of the plus or minus ‘quality of consciousness’ of a human being. Thus physical I.Q. & quality of consciousness, are two different equations operating in the life of a human being. One is bound to the lower physical component of life and the other bound to the higher spiritual & abstract component of life and evolution. They are never in sync, when the influence of greed, abuse of power, megalomania, corruption, sexual degradation & delusion, dominate the direction of society.


Society (Photo credit: Rétrofuturs (Hulk4598) / Stéphane Massa-Bidal)

The point to be made: The ‘quality of consciousness’ of a leader…or organization, needs to be the deciding factor in shaping the publics choice of following them or not. Not how talented or super intelligent they are. Not how rich they have become. Not how media worshiped they have become. Not how powerful they have become and definitely not, how charismatic, eloquent, good looking and sexy they are. Until society can intuitively identify (and not through the commercial media) the ‘quality of conscious’ of its innumerable leaders, they will always be on shaky ground with their choice. A wrong choice, that always comes back to bite society in one entropy creating form or another to retard its further evolution. As with the saturation of the poor quality of consciousness underwriting the all-powerful commercial media and its television, radio, newspaper & magazine subsidiaries. That have now acquired the monopoly power to create & direct the reality, direction & expression of society.

To sum up: Human beings are instinctively compelled to not only follow the leader, but become a part of the leaders reality & expression through following them…especially when immaturely worshiping them. When afflicted with poor quality of consciousness (that we call immaturity & self-serving) the mind only functions out of the insular ego and not the full potential of the mind. The primordial function of the ego is self-preservation. It has evolved to protect the conscious mind of the individual and reinforce its created identity & sense of self. When trapped in the primitive survival functions of the ego, the mind becomes self-centered and self-absorbed in the instinct driven requirements of the ego. In that entrapment, it is not possible to function naturally & maturely for the good of the whole of society…only give it lip service out of very intelligent minds. When the wrong people get the job of leading society in any field of societies expression, chaos out of order comes to society down the track of time. This entropy phenomena has been previously explained in the article, Order Out Of Chaos.

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Postscript: About the original question posed to the reader to answer

If the mind wants to understand the information in this Article, the question will be answered in the process. If the mind does not want to understand that information, then the mind does not want to understand it and the question will go unanswered. That is a loss not a gain out of reading it.

Explanation: This is one of the problems with introducing new ideas & knowledge in society…especially to science. The current rightful holders of the mantle of all scientific proven knowledge in society. A well earned status and reputation from years of study, research and dedication. Unfortunately, many become lost to the outside world through years of studious study on one particular science discipline and little else. Anything that is outside of the sphere of their specific discipline and its learning, is not allowed to intrude. It is not proven and therefore is not trusted to be of any relevance and must be dismissed, to protect the validity of existing acquired scientific knowledge and the established status it brings. So the denial and sometime vehement opposition (rudeness) that comes out of denial, has nothing to do with the I.Q. of science…that exceeds most in society. The problem lies with maturity and the instinctive protective workings of the ego.

Clarification: Maturity comes with experience of the world at large and through interaction with everything in it. When the mind becomes lost in one single objective in life, it becomes lost to everything else and runs the risk of losing out to the development of maturity, emotions, life-experience & social skills…and many other necessary learning curves to be fully functional. The other main problem…especially with society, is the survival instinct to resist change linked to the fear of the unknown. To attempt to change the existing established status quo in society and its way of life, automatically brings great resistance from many in its population. They will naturally defend it and sometimes attack vehemently, anything that threatens that established status quo.

Note: We are not alone in that phenomenon, most predatory social species will respond this way when something new and strange is introduced into their established way of life & habitat. Not surprising really, these evolved survival instincts (laws) have been with us and other social animals, insects & fish for millions of biological years…evolving from the first primary cell of life onwards in logical fact. Further up the ladder of human evolution, primordial instincts become understood (along with the ego & emotions) and the mind & thought process, adjusts to not becoming a unconscious instinctive slave to them. The individual that has accomplished that, always thinks first before speaking. That is its obvious visible mature trait in human society.

Kind regards to the reader from the author.


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Mythic Inflation

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Mythic Inflation is a term introduced by Joseph Campbell.

Campbell says Egyptian cultural beliefs about a ruler’s relation to God or gods progresses through several historical stages, each taking its own form.

In the second stage of mythic inflation, the ruler’s aggrandized ego believes and acts as if it were a deity. Mythically inflated rulers exhibit haughty arrogance and are obsessed with gaining material wealth and power over others. They ruthlessly lie, trick, exploit and murder to achieve earthly desires and prestige.

In contrast to mythic identification, the mythically inflated king would never consider sacrificing himself for the good of the community.

In ancient Egypt the often brutal, power-hungry kings envisioned themselves as “God on earth,” as did Julius Caesar in Rome.

Whether or not the examples Campbell provides to (apparently) support these stages reflect actual social-historical conditions remains open to debate.

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Mythic Subordination

"The Storming of the Bastille", Visi...

"The Storming of the Bastille", Visible in the center is the arrest of Bernard René Jourdan, marquis de Launay (1740-1789) via Wikipedia

Mythic Subordination is a term introduced by Joseph Campbell.

Campbell says that Egyptian cultural beliefs about a ruler’s relation to God or the gods progress through several historical stages, each with its own characteristics.

In the third stage of mythic subordination, the pharaoh is no longer envisioned as a flawless incarnation of God or the gods. Unlike the previous two stages, he is neither sacrificed for the good of the community (mythic identification), nor is he shameless tyrant, unaccountable to his subjects (mythic inflation).

Instead, his ego is regarded as an instrument of the divine will; but at the same time, royal decrees are now subject to some form of societal approval or censure.

Although Campbell applies this idea to the ancient world, it is relevant to the development and increasing powers of the early parliamentary system within thirteenth-century Britain, and to the French Parliament which from the Middle Ages until the French Revolution questioned royal injunctions.

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Mythic Identification


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Mythic Identification is a term introduced by Joseph Campbell.

Campbell argues that Egyptian cultural beliefs about a ruler’s relation to God or gods progressed through several historical stages, each taking its own form.

The first stage is mythic identification, where the ego is entirely absorbed by the real and/or imagined powers of the deity.

In pre-dynastic Egypt, the priesthood articulates this belief. Utterly lost in wonder at the immensity of the creator and the created cosmos, the god-like king willfully submits to self-sacrifice for the good of the community. By losing his mortal life at the altar, the king believes he doesn’t die because he’s already one with God. In tune with the immortal, his death merely signals a passing to a greater dimension.

This differs from mythic inflation, where rulers exhibiting haughty arrogance will lie, trick, exploit and murder to achieve worldly power, desires and prestige. Such rulers would never consider self-sacrifice for the good of the community.

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Mythic Eternalization

Yogi in Arunachala temple

Yogi in Arunachala temple via Wikipedia

Mythic Eternalization is a term introduced by Joseph Campbell. Campbell says that humanity’s beliefs about the ego’s ideal relation to God (or gods) takes different forms.

In mythic eternalization, Campbell cites the case of the Indian yogi who strives to become one with the godhead. This differs from mythic identification because the ego does not merely identify with an immortal deity. With mythic externalization, the ego allegedly disappears when the locus of consciousness shifts, giving way to the atman, which itself becomes inseparable from the brahman.

Carl Jung makes an interesting point here. He asks who experiences the atman/brahman if the ego has disappeared. Ram Dass to this query by saying that Jung is supposedly caught up in astral levels of reality associated with the fourth chakra (there are seven in total) and is too afraid to take “the next step” toward discovering ultimate reality. “Then he will no longer be able to do what he does as Carl Jung,” Dass argues.

Noted for his sincerity and admission of his own imperfections, Ram Dass may no longer hold such a critical view of Jung today. And Jung would probably have responded by saying that Dass’ ego is stuck at the level of identifying with the “guru archetype” and he’s afraid to move on because he would no longer be able to do what he does as Ram Dass!

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Mythic Dissociation

Sistine Chapel ceiling, Vatican

Image by Richard Carter via Flickr

Mythic Dissociation is a term introduced by Joseph Campbell. Campbell argues that humanity’s beliefs about the ego‘s ideal relation to God (or the gods) takes different forms.

In mythic dissociation, the ego has a relationship with God. The psychologist-philosopher William James argues in The Varieties of Religious Experience that this characterizes the Christian approach to the deity but it also applies to Judeaism and Islam.

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Pombero. Mitología Guaraní

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The word myth is derived from the Greek mythos, meaning anything passed on orally.

Homer used mythos to signify stories and conversation based on fact instead of fiction. Later, Plato used mythos to refer to discourses containing shades of truth but which, for the most part, are fiction.

Among its contemporary meanings, myth often points back to a quasi-historical epoch or heroic character.

The term mythology may be used synonymously with myth or, more commonly, with a body of myths. ‘Mythology’ also involves a somewhat analytical (as in scholarly or philosophical) view of myths. A mythologist is someone who studies myths in this way, whereas a mythographer is more a compiler of myths.

Some mythologists trace historical conditions and archeological findings under the assumption that myths are just stories loosely based on historical events (as with the Hindu Ramayana).

In The Greek Myths Robert Graves says this about all myths—i.e. myth is something like a political cartoon.

Some rationalists contend that myth is an early protoscience that attempts to explain natural mysteries, not unlike contemporary science.

The functionalist theory sees myth as serving a positive social purpose. Emile Durkheim, for instance, argued that so-called primitive religion bonded community members and defined precise social classes and roles. The notion that social roles are defined and legitimized by mythology and sacred scripture seems to be partially supported by the Hindu caste system, by Greek and Nordic social stratification and by the Bible and the Koran.

Sigmund Freud’s psychoanalytic theory views myth as a folk tale that reveals more about psychological than historical truths. Freud sees myth mostly in terms of wish-fulfillment, denial and sublimation.

Despite Robert Graves’ attack on C. G. Jung for being too metaphysical, Jung himself says myths are “psychological truths” that are historical because they reveal the attitudes of a group at a particular juncture in history. Interestingly, Jung admits to creating his own modern myth through his psychological theories. He also admits to using scientific language to convince otherwise skeptical readers as to the relevance of his ideas.

In a sense, then, Jung’s approach to myth-making could be seen as somewhat postmodern in that he knows full well he’s creating a social truth, if not a permanent truth. While some third-rate thinkers may see this as some kind of moral threat, it’s not that at all. Jung’s goal in myth-making is to create a sense of meaning and purpose appropriate to his times.

Joseph Campbell notes that myth, in combination with rites and ceremonies, serves a pedagogical function. Campbell says myth provides a thread of sensibility running through various stages of life, teaching us how to belong and contribute to society, from birth to childhood, adolescence, adulthood, middle age and eventually to the grave.

In the Tibetan Book of The Dead, the importance of myth extends beyond the grave.

The structuralist theory of Claude Levi-Strauss looks at myth as something arising out of pre-set, universal linguistic structures. For Levi-Strauss, meaning is not separate but explicit to the structure of myths, which apparently pose a series of binary oppositions (e.g. good-evil, male-female, hot-cold, helpful-harmful) that demonstrate how the human mind thinks.

Levi-Strauss’ views have been challenged by Sir Evans Pritchard who says not all mythic systems are constructed in simple binary oppositions. Other opponents say that meaning may exist on top of structure. The statement “the yellow laugh looked wet” for example, is grammatically correct but most would see it as meaningless.

The poststructuralist Michel Foucault sees practically all statements and related practices in terms of myth or ‘fictions.’ For Foucault, societal morals, scientific truths as well as economic, ideological and political imperatives are myths which, when invested with social power, exhibit tangible effects. Sometimes these very real effects of myth are pleasurable and other times not.

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