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The Logic Of Entropy & Global Warming

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The dictionary defines the word entropy as the logarithm of probability of the occurrence of a given state. Entropy even has its own human worked out mathematical formula continuously applied in physics, engineering etc. Namely, a thermodynamic quantity that measures the fraction of the total energy of a system that is not available for doing work.

But, entropy also has other related applied definitions. As in ‘the constant inevitable slow deterioration (decay) of a established system’. Any system, not just mechanical & electronic. Therefore the systems that underwrite life, its biology & society are included in that definition. This would indicate that entropy is a set Law of Nature universally contained in all matter & energy…therefore in Life, Nature & the Universe and all the different linked systems associated with their activity.

Q: But where does that set law in physical Nature come from? What maintains the integrity & permanence of that set law in Nature? What can change that set principle operating across the board of physical matter & energy…and therefore life, Nature & the Universe?

A: At a different level of understanding & logic outside of mathematics, we can say entropy is very much a physical law of innumerable laws manifesting out of the previously discussed Unified Field of Creation. Its evolution sourced & orchestrated function, allowing the controlled orderly decay of matter & energy in its specific physical form (system) and designated life-cycle. To put it another way, everything physical has a inherent Laws of Nature governed life-span. The law of entropy, allows the decaying aspect of that life-span, to take place in a orderly organized systematic set pattern. That law of entropy, nowhere more obvious than in the interactive regeneration of old cells to new cells in the biology of life. The physical integrity of that law and its process, being underwritten by the spiritual Laws of Nature that underwrite and interact with the physical Laws of Nature.

Q: So where does unnatural entropy come into the equation?

A: We could say ‘unnatural entropy’ is premature decay taking place in the normal expected decaying life-span of a system, be it in the biology of life, the Laws of Nature or the Universe. That means the physical law of entropy has malfunctioned in the system, resulting in uncontrolled premature decay and the subsequent early termination of that specific system. Premature disease (entropy) appearing in the healthy biology and organs of life is this process in action.

Q: Where does premature entropy originate, what is its root cause?

A: Premature entropy occurs, through accumulating imbalance created in the physical & spiritual component of life, Nature & the Universe. The physical source of that imbalance when it arises, is definitely human in its origin. For example: No other life-form has the creative power to re-synthesize chemicals, minerals & other natural resources and saturate them into the systems of life, Nature and the Universe. Thereby eventually contaminating/altering the Laws of Nature governing the systems that underwrite and process the evolution of physical matter & energy. Laws that have been in place for millions of years in the biology of life, long before the human being came along to add the products of its synthetic creativity to that perfect system. Because anything synthetic added to the complex workings of physical Nature, is alien and potentially toxic to its interactive ecological systems that support life. When its toxicity accumulates, the physical Laws of Nature begin to malfunction not only in the biology of life, but Nature also.

Clarification: Human beings have the power to cause imbalance in Nature in two ways. The first is a growing result of our ability to pollute physical Nature with what comes out of the creativity of science and can be called synthetic pollution. The second is much more subtle & caused through influence created out of thought & desire that does not support the purpose and function of evolution & life…and therefore Nature and its Laws. This contamination can also be called synthetic pollution, because its influence has not come out of perfect creativity of Nature, but the human beings creativity.

Note: This influence is simply called karma in the ancient Sanskrit language it originated from…but, far from being simple in the many branches of its meaning. Unfortunately, with the passing of centuries its knowledge has become lost in translation and all that is left is the chaff to sift through. To eventually be written off by some as mere theory and others as a good joke to have a laugh about. So perhaps it is worth pausing in this Article, to explain why it has become so misunderstood and pilloried over the centuries. Because until science removes its physical blinkers, it will not comprehend the Intelligence that logically must underwrite Life, Nature & its Laws. Including the law of entropy that is underwriting Global Warming. To understand the source of the science uncovered logical law of entropy, is to also understand those other un-scientific turn-off words. Namely, Karma, Spiritual & God.

Interlude: A brief pause in the subject matter to set the karma & spiritual record straight…and possibly, even the broken God record in the process…maybe. Because the mind will only understand what it wants to understand.

Further up the ladder of human evolution, it can be said karma is far from being mere theory, philosophy or a joke. Its reality, knowledge and experience is not to be found in physical consciousness, but spiritual consciousness. In the highest level of that structure of consciousness that has been called divine, all human beings possess a latent born potential to access the self-referral field of Creation…that is called the Veda in Sanskrit. Or from the author’s English pen, the borrowed Unified Field from Albert Einstein’s pen That is where spiritual knowledge is eternally sourced, certainly not books. To gain access to it with the mind, it is necessary to come out of the structure of physical consciousness and acquire/develop/cultivate the silent quality of Abstract Consciousness. To experience that silent reality in the physical mind, is to then understand not only why karma has been called karma, but why God has been called God. A most treasured word of millions of people down through the centuries…yet just like karma, so misunderstood. A religious misunderstanding that has caused so much bloodshed and misery for millions of people down to the present day. A human created chaos problem that has turned many off the subject of Religion & God.

It could be said both Religion & Science understand the word transcendent…but, not the experience of the meaning. To transcend anything is to rise above it. i.e. what was before is no longer in the present. Therefore, to transcend thought is to come out of the thinking process and all that is attached to the thinking process. To then enter a transcendent medium where the conscious awareness of the mind, is left with no experience of anything but pure silence. It is only after many applications of that process, that the awareness evolves to become aware of itself as that silence. It is that specific transcendent acquired silence, that is the key to unlocking the full potential of the physical mind. One of those potentials is access to spiritual consciousness and all its many levels of activity sourced to the Unified Field of Creation.

The point to be made : The above knowledge is not new, it is as old as civilization itself. Yes, there are many more complex questions that arise out of its subject, but the answers to them are not to be found in books, but in the self-referral field of Creation. Until the mind can grasp that it is more than the sum of its physical parts, it will remain forever trapped and lost in its own physical individuality, creativity, imagination and intelligence. Unstoppable evolution will not allow that to happen, human beings must continue to evolve up the ladder of evolution or ultimately disappear off the tree of life. The universal law of entropy will see to that….nothing to do with God. It can also be said, that Science will never physically enter the Unified Field through the laboratory, mathematics or atomizing the atom. Quantum physics has proved that dead-end statement, in its physical quest to mathematically probe the limits of physical matter & energy. Likewise, religion will never find transcendent God through endless words & ritual. Surely it is time to understand that logic from out of the chaotic history of religion, a chaos sourced to mankind…definitely not God.

Suggestion: If required, read the About page @ for further clarification.

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Returning to the original topic:

When human beings create imbalance in the system of life through the means described, the physical Laws of Nature begin to imperceptibly become disorganized at a very subtle sub-atomic layer of Nature. If that imbalance continues, it eventually expresses itself on the surface of life in the form of accelerating entropy (disorder & malfunction) in the systems of life and Nature. For example: Global warming & cooling and its changing of environments, is a natural cycle of Nature tied to the infinite workings of evolution. But, drastic life threatening acceleration of Global Warming, is definitely not part of that natural cycle of Nature. Because physical Nature is spiritually primed to support life and its evolution, not to destroy it prematurely. The law of entropy and its variable function & process, that underwrites the physical systems created out of matter & energy, proves that point of logic. Because without that law, there would be constant uncontrollable chaos that life could not survive in.

The point to be made: Every life-form has a spiritual connection to the Unified Field of Creation that sources Life, Nature & the Universe for the purpose of evolution. Everything we do as creative human beings, becomes a negative or positive cause & effect equation (influence) entering the interactive system of Nature and its Laws…and therefore effecting all life on this shared planet and the systems that underwrite life. As logical thinking human beings, we have to become aware that Nature and its Laws, are a perfectly functioning created system from Intelligence greater than the human beings physical intelligence. Nature is not something clinically separate and divorced from ourselves or other life-forms, but contains all species in its infinite organization, creativity and laws. This is where science falls spiritually short in its physical only understanding of Life, Nature and the Universe.

Clarification: Until well-meaning science understands that life is much more than the sum of its physical parts, it is unknowingly doing more harm than good with what comes out of its endless synthetic creativity. Yes, it is fixing many problems from the science laboratory, but inadvertently creating many more in the laboratory of Nature. One of them is the rapid acceleration of Global Warming linked to rapid synthetic pollution saturating the planet. From the seas to the forests to the atmosphere and ecological systems that support life. A harsh indictment maybe, but the evidence is all around us and in us. Nature simply cannot handle the growing industrial & chemical pollution saturating the planet at an ever increasing toxic rate. Science surely knows this and has done the right thing and activated the early warning bell, but to no avail. The economy and the good life must come first in the political survival manual and big business with the golden goose and the most to lose appear to agree.

Postscript: It would seem appropriate to add, that the author has sent numerous ignored articles to science, governments and especially the media, going back to 1999. All dealing with the growing disorder (unnatural entropy) accelerating on this planet and the reason why it is happening. Global Warming being just one of them and long before it became yet another media primed, divided & fuelled endless argument & debate in Nations. The end divisive result being, that the public became confused and no uniform concrete agreement is forthcoming from Nations to seriously address its global issue. Science can rightly point the entropy finger at the news media, for the disregard/skepticism in the political and public arena of their painstaking scientific gathered evidence.

Explanation: The minority science view, should never have been presented by the media as being equal in credibility & volume to the overwhelming majority science view. To then be given equal status by the media and played one against the other to further cloud the issue in the public arena. It is not balanced reporting at all, but creating a situation where the public are swung this way and that way in the media manipulated process to create news, not report it. Yes, the minority should always be heard in society, but where an issue of magnitude demands a urgent decision & solution, the majority opinion must prevail in a society. Otherwise the unresolved problem lingers on to reach its inevitable entropy conclusion and it becomes too late to seriously address it.

Clarification: It could be said the Media not only informs the public, but creates their perceptions and realities out of its 24/7 saturated information. That is the enormous power the media has come to possess in society. Namely, to create, control, direct & fuel the perceptions of the public. According to our history books, social & political disorder (entropy) becomes the end result of a minority dictating/obstructing/influencing the decision making process & mandate of a majority. If 21st century validation of its equation is required, then listen to President Obama’s 2014 Address To The Nation speech. Its tone & direction would suggest he has worked out its equation and wants the American people…and especially Congress, to follow suite.

Kind regards to the reader from the author.


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English: Israel's Escape from Egypt, illustrat...

English: Israel’s Escape from Egypt, illustration from a Bible card published 1907 by the Providence Lithograph Company (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Exodus is the second book of the Pentateuch (and Old Testament of the Christian Bible). It outlines God’s punishment of the Egyptians and Israel’s departure from bondage in Egypt, facilitated by the miraculous parting of the Red Sea, and their subsequent travel through the wilderness, as led by God through the intercession of the prophet Moses.

Although no Egyptian historical records tell of the parting of the Red Sea and Israel’s escape from captivity, the New Oxford Annotated Bible claims

There can be little doubt that the story rests upon actual historical occurrences.¹

Other respected, mainstream scholars concur that, while it was once fashionable to give too much credence to the alleged historicity of Jewish scriptures and, later, to conversely discount them as myth,

It is reasonable to believe that a good part of the biblical stories have a historical background.²

¹ New Oxford Annotated Bible , 1991, p. 69.

² Mircea Eliade, Ioan Couliano and Hillary S. Wiesner, The Eliade Guide to World Religions, New York: HarperCollins, 1991, p. 169.

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English: Jean-Paul Sartre and Simone de Beauvo...

Jean-Paul Sartre and Simone de Beauvoir at Balzac Memorial Deutsch: Jean-Paul Sartre und Simone de Beauvoir am Denkmal von Balzac (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

To some, existentialism is a bleak philosophical worldview. To others, it’s the only sane solution to a seemingly insane world. Existentialism most visible originator is probably Søren Kierkegaard but its best known proponent is Jean-Paul Sartre.

Sartre put a lot of very basic ideas into catchy phrases and hence made a celebrity out of himself. And this exemplifies what existentialism is all about: The creation of meaning and purpose from a human world said to be meaningless and uprooted from nature.

According to Sartre, one creates meaning and purpose out of absurdity by choosing to make commitments to an ideal or movement deemed worthwhile.

Unlike animals supposedly bound by stimulus and response, Sartre says a “gap of nothingness” that lies between our present and past means that we are able to choose. Thus we’re “condemned to be free.”

Existentialism was in vogue in the late 1950’s and 1960’s among beatniks, hippies, journalists and academics. As David Bowie rather amusingly puts it in the song “Join the gang” (1967):

Let me introduce you to the gang
Johnny plays the sitar, he’s an existentialist
Once he had a name, now he plays our game
You won’t feel so good now that you’ve joined the gang

Sartre’s stardom in the halls of academia was generally succeeded by Karl Marx in the 1970s, by the postmoderns in the 1980s, and by the likes of Wittgenstein and Noam Chomsky in the 1990s. Other famous existentialists include Simone de Beauvoir (1908-86) and Albert Camus (1913-60).

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English: Excommunication of Emperor Frederick ...

Excommunication of Emperor Frederick II. Emperor Frederick II is excommunicated by pope Innocent IV. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In Catholicism excommunication is a separation of an individual from the saving power of the Catholic Church due to a serious theological idea or practice deemed contrary to the Church. The excommunicated may not participate in the sacraments nor associate with the community of believers.

Historically speaking, “the term (excommunicatus— ἀκοινώνητος) first appeared in Church documents in the fourth century.”¹ Minor excommunications were conducted by local bishops for associating with an excommunicated Catholic. Major excommunication is carried out by the Pope in an official ceremony.

Excommunication is terminated upon repentance and satisfying the demands of the Church, at which point the once condemned person is received again and fully recognized as a Catholic. As the Catholic Encyclopedia puts it:

It is also a medicinal rather than a vindictive penalty, being intended, not so much to punish the culprit, as to correct him and bring him back to the path of righteousness.²

Excommunication is not exclusive to Catholicism; various forms are found in most world religions.³

¹ LAWLOR, F. X., and T. J. GREEN. “Excommunication.” New Catholic Encyclopedia. 2nd ed. Vol. 5. Detroit: Gale, 2003. 504-506. Gale Virtual Reference Library. Web. 29 May 2012.


³ This Wikipedia entry gives a good overview of the situation among various faith groups »

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A sculpture of the sword given to King Arthur ...

A sculpture of the sword given to King Arthur by the Lady of the Lake, in the lake of Kingston Maurward gardens (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Excalibur is the legendary sword of King Arthur, often said in traditional and contemporary¹ lore to have magical powers.

In Malory’s Morte d’Arthur the young boy Arthur succeeds in pulling the sword from a stone, a seemingly impossible feat which not even adults can accomplish. In another account the sword is given to Arthur by the Lady of the Lake.

As Arthur is dying he commands Sir Bedivere to toss the sword into the lake and a mysterious hand grasps it, drawing it under the surface. In an older version of the legend by Geoffrey of Monmouth, Arthur’s sword is known as Caliburn.

¹ Such as the TV series Merlin » and

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Illuminated parchment, Spain, circa AD 950-955...

Illuminated parchment, Spain, circa AD 950-955, depicting the Fall of Man, cause of original sin. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In one version of two found in the Biblical book of Genesis, Eve is the first woman created by God from Adam’s rib.

According to the Bible story, Adam and Eve originally lived in an innocent state of grace, characterized by their blissful life in Eden. God directly told them that they could eat anything in the garden except for fruit from the tree of knowledge at the garden’s center. Eve, however, was tempted by the clever and subtle serpent to eat from the tree of knowledge. The evil serpent said that her eating the fruit of of the tree would enable the first woman and man to become like gods, “knowing the difference between good and evil.”

Eve ate the forbidden fruit and then tempted Adam, who also ate. Suddenly they recognized their nakedness, lost their innocence and felt ashamed. They immediately covered their now-private areas with leaves. God their creator was stirred to great anger and thrust them out of the garden. He stationed an angel with a flaming sword at the garden’s entrance to ensure their banishment.

Women in general were cursed to suffer during childbirth and the harsh realities of suffering and mortality were imposed on mankind.

Scholars note that the story is likely influenced by or adapted from similar ancient Near-Eastern myths. Christian theologians are well aware of this idea. But they maintain that it does not necessarily contradict the idea that the Bible is a revealed text.¹

¹ For a Catholic position claiming that all sacred scripture is without error, see On the role of interpretation, see And on the importance of understanding scripture through the door of faith, see

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Medea (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Euripides (480-406 BCE) was a Greek dramatist, born in Athens. As a youth he was an athlete, winning prizes at Eleusinian and Thesean gymnastic events. After studying philosophy under Anaxagoras (along with his friend Socrates), rhetoric under Prodicus and dabbling in painting, Euripides realized that literature was his forté.

Euripides is identified with theatrical innovations that have profoundly influenced drama down to modern times, especially in the representation of traditional, mythical heroes as ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances. This new approach led him to pioneer developments that later writers adapted to comedy, some of which are characteristic of romance. Yet he also became “the most tragic of poets”,[nb 1] focusing on the inner lives and motives of his characters in a way previously unknown.¹

He wrote some 80 dramas, out of which 19 remain. Medea, Electra, and Trojan Women were performed during his lifetime but his work became increasingly popular after his death. The Bacchae, for instance, was performed in Athens only after he had died.

Euripides is also relevant to contemporary psychiatry and, in particular, depth psychology. His play Heracles (416 BCE) most effectively personifies Madness as the daughter of Heaven and Night, sent to drive Heracles insane:

Madness has mounted her chariot
Groans and tears accompany her
She plies the lash, hell-bent for murder
rage gleaming from her eyes
A Gorgon of the night, and around her
Bristle the hissing heads of a hundred snakes²

Fully versed in the myths and legends that permeated his culture, he was also aware of the Sophists and the early scientists and philosophers like Anaxagoras.³ So Euripides didn’t buy into but, rather, satirized the popular religion of his day. He did believe in the idea of divine providence but was skeptical of many of the religious beliefs and practices that dominated the ancient Greek world.

Put simply, he preferred to find his own answers to questions concerning ultimate truth. As such, he’s been called ‘the poet of the Greek enlightenment,’ among a variety of other things by his detractors and admirers.4


² Euripides, cited in Eric Flaum and David Pandy, The Encyclopedia of Mythology: Gods, Heroes, and Legends of the Greeks and Romans, Philadelphia, Courage Books, 1993, p. 99.

³ Peter Burian ” Euripides ” The Oxford Encyclopedia of Ancient Greece and Rome. Ed. Michael Gagarin. © Oxford University Press 2010. The Oxford Encyclopedia of Ancient Greece and Rome: (e-reference edition). Oxford University Press. Toronto Public Library. 25 May 2012

4 Op. cit. (

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