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New entries should fit with our mission statement: Earthpages is about dialogue, understanding and positive change

That’s a big window—arts and culture, the humanities, science and technology, the environment, religion, spirituality, parapsychology, the paranormal, ETs and UFOs.

Also, feel free to post your original ideas or write some of our Planned Entries.

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General guidelines

To do

  • Write clearly
  • Entry length can be long, medium or short
  • Provide citations for direct quotations or extended paraphrasing
  • Let us know if you would like to be acknowledged or not, and if you’d like a link to your web site (or other web sites)
  • Include attribution and hyperlinks to Creative Commons images included in the entry (e.g.,, or
  • Once you contact us, we’ll email you so you can send images, if desired (alternately, use a file storage service like dropbox). Resize images to a maximum width of 640 pixels. Resizing images is easy. Please be courteous and resize your images before sending.

Not to do

  • Avoid profane language that could get the web site designated as “mature.” This would isolate Think Free from the greater blogosphere and work against our mission statement
  • Do not plagiarize or post malicious, defamatory, abusive, threatening, offensive, hateful or any other material that may violate any applicable laws
  • Do not impersonate another person or use a fictional character for a nickname that might be under copyright (e.g. James T. Kirk, Elektra)

The above is for submissions to Earthpages.canot for To learn more check out our FAQ, Policy (especially items 15 & 16) or contact us.



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