Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I add a new entry about myself or my own ideas? Yes, if you believe you’re significant enough to be mentioned or if you’ve got something new to say (or something new to add to someone else’s ideas).
  • Can I edit an entry? You can propose small or extensive edits. See details here Add or Edit
  • Can I link back to my own website? Yes, if you believe it’s relevant to your comment or new entry. We encourage this because the internet is largely about connections and links add vitality.
  • Can I link to other websites? Yes, if you believe the external websites are relevant to your comment or new entry. We encourage this because the internet is largely about connections and links add vitality. Just make it clear you’re linking to somebody else’s website.
  • If I add a new entry, will other people’s comments be integrated within it? That’s possible. In fact, we hope so because this gives an entry more breadth and vitality.
  • If I post a comment can I write about myself or my own ideas? Yes, if you believe you’re significant enough to be mentioned, or if you’ve got something new to say (or maybe something new to add to someone else’s ideas). Just ensure that your comment somehow relates to the entry you’re commenting on.
  • What length should an entry be? Entries can be short, medium or long.
  • What’s the focus? What kind of new entries do you want? Entries should fit, directly or indirectly, with our mission statement: Earthpages is about dialogue, understanding and positive change. That’s a pretty big window—arts, music, pop culture humanities, science, technology, religion, spirituality, environment, paranormal, parapsychology… you name it. You can also write about your original thoughts and theories. Take a look at About Think Free and Add or Edit for more details.
  • What’s the difference between adding a new entry, an edit and posting a comment? Adding a new entry means you can submit a completely new entry about whatever you want (e.g. ‘My Great New Idea’ or ‘The Ancient Art of X’). An edit suggests changes to existing entries (e.g. ‘Zeus’ or ‘Tabula Rasa’), usually by pointing out errors or adding more factual information. Edits can be minor or extensive. A comment may be a lot like an edit but is usually more about personal opinions and preferences. Of course, there’s often overlap between the idea of an “edit” and a “comment” because, we could argue, there are no absolute facts but only perspectives. See details at Add or Edit.
  • Why are some entries just a word or two? Chances are these entries are pointing to other entries that better explain them. Also, we plan to update and expand Think Free for many years to come.
  • Why are some topic headings in bold or listed after this symbol ( » ) but not hyperlinked? We’re changing this, adding hyperlinks where bold used to be. Think Free uses an aggregator approach for cross-referencing (i.e. links search for all entries relating to the topic). If a cross-reference is still in bold (instead of linked), enter the topic in the Search box at top right (e.g. Zeus). All relevant entries will appear after you click » go! The advantage of the aggregator approach is that you can quickly browse a great deal of information clustered around a given topic.
  • Why are you doing this? We hope to advance rather than just summarize knowledge. In other words, we offer a creative, forward-looking alternative to other educational resources. See About Think Free for details.
  • Why do you use Creative Commons images when Earthpages is copyright protected? Earthpages generates no income whatsoever. Also, Earthpages’ policy explains: 22 (b) All Public Domain and Creative Commons material remains unprotected by copyright and does not in any way fall under or pertain to Earthpages’ copyrights. » https://earthpages.wordpress.com/about/our-policy/
  • Will I be acknowledged if I add a new entry? That’s your choice. See details at Add or Edit.
  • Will I be acknowledged if my comment is integrated within an existing entry? In most cases, yes. If possible we’ll also link to your website. With minor changes (of a few words) you might not be directly acknowledged within the revised entry. But your comment (that lead to the change) will remain visible. If your comment has been integrated and but you’re not – and want to be – acknowledged in the revised entry, tell us by commenting or contacting us. If you definitely don’t want to be acknowledged, just leave the ‘Name’ area blank or write “Anon” when posting your comment.
  • Your site displays Google Ads. Why do you say Earthpages.ca | Earthpages.org  is noncommercial? The Google Ads automatically appear as part of the free service offered by WordPress.com. WordPress.com doesn’t pay Earthpages anything from the revenue they earn from Google Ads. In other words, Earthpages is not earning any revenues whatsoever from the Google Ads showing.