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Mental Illness

Some contemporary discourse about so-called mental illness arguably simplifies this complex physiological, psychological, sociological, spiritual and perhaps evolutionary issue. Undoubtedly, individuals suffer who find themselves significantly different from the cultural norms in which they live. And sometimes this suffering escalates … Continue reading


Alien Possession Theory (APT)

A corrupt tree cannot bear good fruit —Luke 6:43 The Theory Alien Possession Theory (APT) considers the possibility, common in science fiction, that hostile extraterrestrials (ETs) from another world, realm or plane use psi to produce damaging effects on psychologically vulnerable individuals. … Continue reading



The DSM-IV-TR (The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Version IV with Text Revisions) is the most recent manual developed by the American Psychiatric Association, one used by health professionals to classify various psychological disorders, generally referred to as … Continue reading


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