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McLuhan, Marshall Herbert

Marshall Herbert McLuhan (1911-80) was a Canadian cultural theorist born in Edmonton, Alberta. McLuhan founded the University of Toronto‘s Centre for Culture and Technology (1963) and became something of an intellectual pop star in Canada and beyond. While his phrase … Continue reading


Ants in the Anthill – What’s Missing in the Multiverse?

Most of us have probably heard the term multiverse. But what is it? Well, that might depend on who you are and how you look at things. In the most general sense, the multiverse is a hypothesis that describes many … Continue reading


Evil: Natural, Moral and Intrinsic

How we define evil is influenced by our core beliefs. Materialists and some scientists dismiss the idea of evil as if it were culturally inherited from a world once peopled by believers in magic and outdated superstitions. Today, violent criminals … Continue reading