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Klein, Melanie

Melanie Klein (1882-1960) was an Austrian-born Freudian psychologist and a pioneer in psychoanalysis for children. Klein says that part of early childhood development includes a ‘paranoid schizoid position.’ According to her theory, the child in a paranoid schizoid position tries … Continue reading

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Synchronicity – A concept that may become increasingly important in our emerging quantum worldview

Synchronicity is a term coined by the Swiss psychiatrist Carl G. Jung to represent the idea of meaningful coincidence. Implicit to Jung’s idea of synchronicity is the belief that all of creation is somehow interconnected, not only through space but also … Continue reading

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Most of us think of inflation in terms of economics. But it’s also a psychological term, coined by the Swiss psychiatrist, C. G. Jung. For Jung, psychological inflation denotes the unsavory but, perhaps, temporarily unavoidable situation that can occur during … Continue reading