Hephaestus – With new intro for 2022

Vulcan. Marble, reception piece for the French...
Hephaestus/Vulcan. Marble, reception piece for the French Royal Academy, 1742 via Wikipedia

This has been updated here

Hephaestus – A Greek god with the Roman counterpart of Vulcan




  1. “…outgrowth of the Roman fire god Vulcan”??

    Hephaistos was certainly sometimes *equated* with Vulcan (at least by the Romans), as He was sometimes equated with the Egyptian Ptah… but hardly an “outgrowth”!


  2. Thanks for calling me on that. Acc. to the Oxford Classical Dictionary, Third Edition, eds. Simon Hornblower and Antony Spawforth (2000):

    “He was very early identified with Roman Volcanus (F. Coarelli, Il foro romano: periodo arcaico (1983), 177) and with Etruscan Sethlans (see RELIGION, ETRUSCAN).”

    So I probably read some other account that confused the earliness of their association with the idea that Vulcan came before. Can’t remember, though, where exactly as I started writing this in 1997!


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