Iago – Shakespeare’s vindictive creep who never repents

Shakespeares Globe by Kieran Lynam

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  1. It is interesting that, while we learn about Iago’s “fate,” we do not actually see him punished (on stage, that is) which Shakespeare could have easily arranged (given the number of fights and deaths in the play). So, in one sense, evil incarnate goes unpunished before our eyes. The question, of course, remains–why??


  2. I think it’s more potent left to our imagination. Just the word “torture” makes most people shudder. Perhaps there were political reasons too (?)


  3. I disagree that Iago was “evil” – there are numerous allusions in the play to his being impotent, ferociously intimidated by what he believed was Othello’s superior sexual prowess. I don’t know if that makes him “evil” so much as misguided and unable to deal with life in a healthy way.


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