Karma Transfer – A spiritual dynamic not well understood by textbook psychiatry?

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  1. this is an interesting topic… I never would have thought karma to be an object which is to be shared… I always thought it was one you carried… I do however believe energy can be transfered from on to another… I have felt this personally (good and bad). It is an incredible force… nice article

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  2. In Eastern Europe there is a believe than when a person’s life has ended before he/she has “paid” the karma debts from an earlier lifetime – their next of kin are taking over these karma “debts”. What are your opinions on this?


    • That’s an interesting idea, thanks for mentioning it.

      Myself, I tend to not envision this proposed dynamic in terms of reincarnation or a modified version as you mention.

      I think the weight of sin might ripple out through time. And anyone could probably pick up on it, consciously or perhaps unconsciously. This might partially account for some what we call “mental illness.” Although not too many people today would likely be able to appreciate that possibility.


  3. A fascinating topic. Most folks I know interpret KARMA as negative and I disagree. One can have a blessed life too. It will be great when we no longer need KARMA. Enjoy the day and thanks for sharing.

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    • Definitely agree. The way I see it, there is always a dynamic exchange of lighter and heavier influences. That’s why I tend to reject the guru ideal. Surely the guru gets something positive from the disciple. It’s never just one way imo.

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      • Thanks. Mentors or guides are more helpful. I suppose a GURU can be this. Ultimately, each being must use their intuition and forge their own way through this game called life. Enjoy the day.

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        • Again agree. I mean, we all need teachers and instructors along the way… Music teachers, math teachers, art teachers, life teachers… But the best teachers recognize and encourage individual talent and style. Ultimately each has to walk his own her own road. Sometimes those roads cross, sometimes they’re near, other times far. 🐒🐴🐈🐭🐸


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