More about the transition of “Think Free” to the new EARTHPAGES

Image – Pinterest

Well, it’s back to school for millions of kids today and I’m happy with the transition from the old “Think Free” (where you’re at now) to the new Earthpages.

Revising and migrating existing articles from one blog to the other gives Earthpages a whole new vitality.

Maybe Marshall McLuhan was right: The medium is the message.

I mean, writing for Earthpages (with approximately ten times the traffic of the old “Think Free”) has a direct effect on my writing style. I wouldn’t say I’m dumbing things down – because I’m not – but I would say I’m making the material more accessible. 🙂

This transition is going to take time. As I go deeper into the old “Think Free” I need some way to mark where I’m at in the process. Today I decided a simple star would work well for a revision place marker. So if by chance you stumble on an entry with an asterisk before it, that just means it’s next up for revision.

If anyone is really curious about what’s next at EARTHPAGES, they can get a sneak peek and compare the old to the new before the old is put to rest.

Just search for a star!

What are you thinking?

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