A bit sad but very happy about the move to EARTHPAGES

Image – Pinterest

I liked the old Earthpages.ca – Think Free. But it was awfully tiring for one person – me – to try to update both blogs each and every day. Just signing in and out of two different blogs to update and check comments was fatiguing. You wouldn’t think so. But day after day it just was getting to be too much.

Also, with everything at one blog, visitors can see what’s happening at a glance. It’s more efficient. I should have done it long ago. But maybe not. I was attached to “Think Free.” And it is a bit sad to say “bye bye.” The good news, however, is that I’m getting a charge out of working on Earthpages again. When things become boring and routine, people pick up on that. But when a creator is excited about what he or she is doing, I think that comes through too!

Just to clarify, all of the old entries, especially those penned by myself, will migrate to the new Earthpages. But it will take time. There are countless entries because, well, before Wikipedia, that’s sort of what I was hoping to achieve. Think Free fell short of the mark in that sense because, I think, the mechanism for adding new entries was too roundabout and clunky. Also, I wasn’t organized or (corporately) connected enough.

But that’s okay. When Wikipedia came to dominate, I realized there was still room for opinion. So I amped up the personal and opinionated side of my entries.

We’ll see where future edits go. I’m not sure. I am never entirely sure about Earthpages. That’s because, as I’ve always said, it follows an “organic” instead of the usual business model. Earthpages grows and changes partly in response to what going on in our world today.

Hope you enjoy the new Earthpages. In many ways, it’s a return to beginnings. But with a whole lot of acquired wisdom that I lacked when starting out.

Life is about learning from mistakes, trying our best not to repeat them, and changing for the future.

Full Steam Ahead! Warp Factor 10! 😍 🚀🛸


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