Major Christian conference accused of ‘pushing mysticism’

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A major Christian church-leadership organization, which brought thousands of pastors and church workers together in Carrollton, Texas, this week, raised the eyebrows of some attendees because of its promotion of “contemplative spirituality.” The event, called “Catalyst Dallas,” was sponsored by Atlanta-based Catalyst and featured speakers Craig Groeschel of, filmmaker Ryan Leak, corporate management expert […]

Source: Major Christian conference accused of ‘pushing mysticism’

A view from Canada – Is it possible that some fundamentalists and evangelicals are afraid of Christian contemplation because it compels us to see things are they really are? And maybe in some warped cases, because certain individuals are afraid of seeing themselves as they truly are?

Evil can creep into any human activity. Should we not play baseball because maybe some umps and players can be bribed?

No. Of course not. Just don’t let yourself be bribed.


Some say they are concerned about “American fundamentalism.” Sure it can be intellectually lacking and socially dangerous but the truth is, fundamentalism is everywhere—it certainly exists in Canada.

Another sad thing about fundamentalism is that it can turn many good people off the message of Christ. If I tell some that I enjoy the Catholic Mass (despite all the RC Church’s problems), they instantly react, probably transferring (in the Freudian sense) memories of an abusive, fundamentalist significant other. It’s just one big broad stroke of repugnance.

But maybe it doesn’t really matter. After all, Jesus himself says in the Christian story that he didn’t come for good people but for sinners. The sick not the healthy need a doctor.¹


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