Will Science Ever Solve the Mysteries of Consciousness, Free Will and God? – Scientific American

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Are consciousness, free will and God insoluble mysteries?

Source: Will Science Ever Solve the Mysteries of Consciousness, Free Will and God? – Scientific American


  1. I am completely fascinated that the publisher of Skeptic Online Magazine wrote an article (or they posted one of his previous articles), pondering consciousness, free will & a god. There are scientists out there that still believe that the puzzling randomness of quantum mechanics experiment outcomes couldn’t possibly be intentional and a direct result of the observer(s) wishes, i.e. the very free will he seems to think is the one thing that can’t have an effect on…quantum mechanics. He is still scratching his head over actual consciousness because you can’t hold it in your hand or shove it under a microscope. And, he does recognize “miracles” but, seems to think that, as “god” performs them, there should be some evidence of “it’s” involvement…as if “god” has fingerprints that a CSI team should be able to find. I can appreciate his desire to understand but, am sorry for him as he tries desperately to maneuver within his self-imposed academic box.

    Consciousness is the same thing as Soul is the same thing as existence. We are more than the bodies we inhabit. Free will is universal as in the one true law of our universe. We exercise it every minute of every day…just by being here on this planet. We have the free will to be here or…the free will to leave at any time of our choosing. Everything in between is just experience. And, god…or our creator… His statement about it being outside of space & time is correct. And, no, we, especially in our current form, have no way of substantiating its existence with any “scientific” instruments. And, if anyone tells you that “god” spoke to them, they either they have the ability of clairaudience & can hear unincarnated souls or they are a channel & talk to what most people call “extraterrestrials”.

    There is a record of what our creator looks like, imprinted into the Akashic. We are made in its “image” but, it is not what you would think.

    Thanks for sharing this.

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    • Yes, I’m interested in cosmology. Historically, it seems most people have replaced the geocentric for the heliocentric and all the latest that goes with that (Big Bang, etc.).

      But on a deeper level, we could argue the case for multiple “Youniverses,” as one contributor to Earthpages once put it (i.e. relative universes).


      How all our relative worlds fit together gets puzzling from our limited human perspective. Maybe the concept of God solves the riddle.


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