A Primer on Organized Crime for Writers

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Organized crime is a mainstay in modern fiction. As writers, how do we make organized criminal groups believable?

Source: A Primer on Organized Crime for Writers

Comment – Like the concept of hell, organized crime tends to be either glorified or “polished up” in the entertainment media.

I guess that’s what writers do. Turn reality into fiction. And we all consume it (e.g. Breaking Bad, Sopranos, The Godfather) from the peace and safety of our books, devices and movie theaters.

Myself, I’ve been watching The Tudors, which outlines the life of the tyrannical King Henry VIII. I’m horrified by the decapitations and am filled with incredulous sorrow by the historical tortures that really happened. But I keep watching the show…

Carl Jung felt this was proof we all have a shadow aspect to our personalities. But I think this is a gross simplification. Jung was not spiritually mature enough to understand the concept of intercession and how prayer can go through time and place.

So I like to think my interest is more theological than psychological.

God knows for sure.

What are you thinking?

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