Review: ‘Labyrinths,’ Emma and Carl Jung’s Complex Marriage – The New York Times

Comment – It’s nice to see continued discourse about Carl Jung. I did my PhD on him back in the 90s. But I’d been studying his ideas since the 80s. At that time, most works about Jung were more polarized (with a few exceptions). We had the die-hard Jungians who treated him like a god. And then we had the Freudian critics who deplored his “metaphysical” stance. Also, feminists rightly pointed out his sexism.

Myself, I found some seemingly racist passages in his work. But I still think Jung was a great innovator. We’re all a product of our times to some extent. Only God can surpass time. So I welcome further critique and insight into Jung’s character. Even if I’ve largely moved on, psychologically, spiritually and philosophically from what he has to offer, I still like to keep an eye on what’s being said about him and his work.

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