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What is a Doctrine?

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Cora Indian man, wearing a scary colorful demon mask, walks in a procession during the sacred ritual ceremony of Semana Santa (Holy Week) in Jesús María, Nayarit, Mexico. The annual week-long Easter festivity (called La Judea), performed in the rugged mountain country of Sierra del Nayar, merges indigenous tradition (regeneration of life worshipping) and animistic beliefs with the Christian dogma… Click on image for full description.

A doctrine is a teaching or specific belief within a larger set of beliefs. The term usually refers to religion and politics but is used for emphasis in other areas.

For example, some believe that the entire notion of progress is something that should be subject to sociological and philosophic scrutiny. Does society really progress or just change? Do we advance in some areas and regress in others? This question doesn’t only apply to technology but to human rights and morality.¹

¹ The following shows that “doctrine” is also used historically »

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