Saint Pacianus – A bishop with wife and child

Saint Pacianus in the façade of the bishop’s palace in Barcelona, Catalonia (Spain) – via Wikipedia

St. Pacianus (or St. Pacian) was the 4th-century Christian bishop of Barcelona. He is considered a “Father of the Church” and was canonized as a Catholic saint.

He apparently embodied chastity, education and eloquence.

In those days, a bishop could be married with children. Accordingly, St. Pacianus was married and had a son, to whom the famous (in Catholic and academic circles) scholar Saint Jerome dedicated his biographical De Viris Illustribus (On Illustrious Men).

St. Pacianus is probably best remembered, however, for his pithy statement:

Christian is my name; Catholic is my surname.

It’s hard to know if anyone would say that today.


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