Pluralism – Winds of change that will not change

Mardi Gras in the French Quarter, New Orleans....
Mardi Gras in the French Quarter, New Orleans. Satrizing the Religious Fundamentalists who come to picket the celebrations. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Pluralism is the belief that society is best composed of different ethnic, cultural, political and religious groups, or it is the term describing a society constituted as such.

While some bigots and religious fundamentalists seem to oppose the idea of pluralism, it is clearly the way the world is going. Living in Toronto, one of the most multicultural places on Earth, one can see the great benefit and also challenges which face any society brave enough to venture forward towards true pluralism.

Although some see Canada as ‘slightly behind’ in the worlds of business, technology and perhaps commercial entertainment, we are world leaders in pluralism. And again, regardless of what the bigots and religious zealots may say, that is the way things are headed.

Better to adapt than to fall behind the global trend, because adapting isn’t automatic. It’s easy to love and uphold token minorities who fit into a cookie cutter, “melting pot” view of reality, as we see in some countries. But when treasured customs, values, job opportunities and even laws could be irrevocably altered due to new populations, embracing this kind of change in a loving way is a completely different story.

I should add that part of the challenge is realizing that not only religious fanatics and warped political titans can be bigots. Racism and bigotry seems to run through most if not all populations. Maybe it is the fear of change, the fear of the “other” or some other inherited, territorial trait. But again, humanity’s march toward a unified, peaceful future must include overcoming these primitive, tribal mindsets.

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