Psychiatry – An evolving science

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Psychiatrist and patient in counseling session

Psychiatry generally sees itself as a branch of medicine specializing in the assessment, treatment, study and prevention of unhealthy psychological suffering.

However, not everyone sees psychiatry in an entirely benign light. In a nutshell, the main critiques and alternative cosmologies to contemporary psychiatry come from:

Because psychiatry deals with the somewhat mysterious human self in relation to the total environment, quite a few related issues come up throughout Please follow this link (and also “Related” below) for more perspectives relating to this fascinating topic.

My own view is that, as an evolving science, psychiatry will hopefully (if eventually) consider these various critiques and adapt accordingly to make itself (and its patients) better. However, history demonstrates time and again that adherents of any deeply entrenched belief system are often unwilling or, at least, slow to change. And in my opinion this sometimes makes psychiatry, along with some its uncritical followers, look a bit like a Church.

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