English: A 17 th century painting depicting Ha...
A 17 th century painting depicting Hanuman worshiping Lord Rama and his wife Sita. Lakshmana is also seen in this painting from Smithsonian Institution collection. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Rama is a Hindu folk hero often upheld as the embodiment of dharma (sacred duty) and karma-yoga (the yoga of action). He is also regarded as the seventh avatar (incarnation of God) of Vishnu.

It is possible that Rama was an actual person, born in either Banaras or the Ayodhya region. But on this point scholars are uncertain. His supposed father-in-law, Janaka, was the actual King of the Mithila Kingdom and is referred to in the Upanisads.

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A good practitioner

English: Rama and Hanuman fighting Ravana, an ...
Rama and Hanuman fighting Ravana, an album painting on paper, c1820. Tanjore or Trichinopoly, Tamil Nadu, India, Around AD 1820 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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After Lord Ram Now Lord Hanuman Summoned Into Court – This Time For Encroachment

Mystical Ritigala

Hindu monkey god is issued a summons by Indian court n Bihar state

English: "Painting. Ramayana. Sīta underg...
“Painting. Ramayana. Sīta undergoing the ordeal by fire watched by Rāma, Lakṣmaṇa and Hanuman.” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hindu Mahasabha to sue LK Advani for demolishing ‘Ram Lalla’ temple in Ayodhya

Indian court slaps Hindu god with summons over land grab

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