Call for collaborators, developers, web gurus

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Blogging is cheap and the exposure is pretty good if you have something the public wants. However, for some bloggers on a limited budget (like myself), the sputtering economy will probably mean we’ll have to adapt to keep doing what we feel called to do.

One solution, which I’ve been considering for several years, is to transform Earthpages into a revenue generating entity. But here’s the rub. I’m mostly into research and spirituality, and only know the business basics.

Transforming and to a professional platform cannot be accomplished by just one person. It will take a team of experts and, probably at some point, investors.

Earthpages could go the Wikipedia route and become a “Foundation” with an operating budget to cover the cost of living. Or it could go a more commercial route and become ad driven.

At the moment I am willing to consider all reasonable possibilities.

If you want to help shape the future, and believe you have the relevant skills to become part of a diversified team, contact me

—Michael W. Clark, PhD


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