Note to readers…

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Instead of updating Think Free by letter category, starting today we’re going to update the very oldest entry at the site. So instead of updating the next “S” that hasn’t been updated for a while, we’ll be updating whatever is the oldest entry, regardless of its letter heading.

The site might appear a little jumbled at first but, in reality, we lost the strict alphabetical order a long time ago. Sometimes we skipped updating entries we just didn’t have enough information about. Other times we’d gain new information and post an entry out of alphabetical order. So what we have (up until today) is groups of letter categories. They’re not in perfect alphabetical order.

We thought maybe would come up with a one-click alphabetical sorting option. But so far this hasn’t appeared.

No matter. Starting today we’re just going to update the oldest entry at the site. This should keep things fresher. And intra-site searches will still reveal the same clusters of information around a given topic.

Enjoy! And… don’t forget to THINK FREE! 🙂


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