Sisko, Commander Benjamin

Benjamin Sisko
Benjamin Sisko (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Commander Benjamin Sisko is the Head of a Federation Space Station located at the edge of a wormhole as portrayed in the American TV series, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

DS9 is a checkpoint for travelers before they enter the farthest reaches of the unknown through the wormhole, and many different species come and go.

Avery Brooks, the black actor who portrays Sisko, was a part-time university professor prior to becoming part of the Star Trek franchise. His mother was one of the first African-American women to receive an Masters degree in music at Northwestern University, USA.

He says he accepted the role to provide black children “who are planning their own funerals the chance to think the long thought, to believe that our people will be alive 300 years hence.”¹

Brooks has appeared on several TV shows and films. He is also a singer who recorded an lp with sax player James Spaulding in a tribute to Duke Ellington.





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