Slamming (also Slammin, Slammin’)


Slamming (also Slammin, Slammin’) is a term used by rap artists and hipsters conveying several possibly interrelated meanings:

  • rhythmic verse and music of intense vitality or aggression—slammin’ vibes, slammin’ groove
  • something very good, hot, sexy, cool, happening, etc.
  • some form of power and, perhaps in some instances, spiritual power

The connection between music and power has been known since the dawn of mankind. Some anthropologists believe that the musical bow evolved from the ancient bow and arrow used for hunting and warfare.¹

Piano strings are struck with a “hammer.” And rock and jazz musicians often call the guitar an “axe.” A leading hip-hop artist was MC Hammer.

Serious Slammin'
Serious Slammin’ (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

While the bow, arrow, hammer and axe are used for both aggressive and peaceful purposes, at bottom some notion of power is connoted by all of these terms.

Urban Dictionary adds:

1. adj. Something which is very good.
2. vt. to inject a drug intravenously
1. “Dude, this Lobster Bisque is SLAMMIN”
2. “SLAMMIN dope is not what it used to be.”²

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