Bust of Solon / Бюст на Солон: Dimitar Denev
Bust of Solon / Dimitar Denev via Flickr

Solon (7th to 6th century BCE) was one of the so-called “seven wise men” of ancient Greece.

While serving as Archon, Solon more or less replaced Draco’s harsh legal code by introducing several humanitarian reforms.

Solon’s laws were inscribed on large wooden slabs or cylinders attached to a series of axles that stood upright in the Prytaneion.[53][54] These axones appear to have operated on the same principle as a Lazy Susan, allowing both convenient storage and ease of access. Originally the axones recorded laws enacted by Draco in the late 7th Century (traditionally 621 BC).¹

Spearheading the trend toward the Athenian democracy, he’s remembered for notable achievements such as abolishing slavery for unpaid debts and granting citizenship to foreign craftsmen working in Athens. He also ordered the release of all Athenians who had been enslaved.

Plato‘s great grandfather, Dropides, heard about the destruction of Atlantis through Solon, himself learning of the legend through Egyptian scribes.



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