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Whitley Strieber

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Communion (book)

Communion (Photo: Wikipedia)

Louis Whitley Strieber (1945 – ) is a successful horror fiction and apparently non-fiction writer born in San Antonio, Texas who became internationally known after publishing Communion: A True Story, a report of his alleged encounter with UFOs and aliens. This book was pretty big when I was a student in India. I had a copy with me there, and those liquid eyes haunted me, as they do looking at the cover today.

Communion was followed by several sequels and Strieber also worked with the colorful US radio host and author, Art Bell.

Strieber…co-authored The Coming Global Superstorm with Art Bell, which inspired the blockbuster film about sudden climate change, The Day After Tomorrow (

Skeptics have tried to make Strieber look silly but his assertions cannot be proved nor disproved.


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  1. Ahh. Read this one a while back.


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