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The Talmud is the second most important body of writing in Judaism, containing teachings from Palestine and Babylon. It includes the Mishnah (the codification of the oral Torah) and a large body of rabbinical commentary.

Additional commentaries and the code of law and ritual called halakhah were compiled in the latter part of the Middle Ages.

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English: Photo of Exhibit at the Diaspora Muse...

Photo of Exhibit at the Diaspora Museum, Tel Aviv – Beit Hatefutsot Babylonian Talmud, manuscript, copied by Solomon ben Samson, France, 1342 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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3 thoughts on “Talmud

  1. So what does it say? Any table of contents? Preview?


  2. Oh yeah. Just Google >> talmud online

    Excellent comment. I’ll add some links here when I get a minute. Thanks!


  3. Worth checking into thanks!


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