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Ralph Cudworth (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The term “theism” was coined by the Cambridge Platonist scholar, Ralph Cudworth (1617-88), in 1678.

Theism is the belief in a wholly-other creator God, ruling over creation and intervening with divine power, presence and graces.

Theism is often contrasted with deism, the belief in a wholly-other creator God who does not intervene after the initial creation of the universe.

Wikipedia suggests that theism can also apply to most other types of religious beliefs.¹ This may be a current trend in scholarship. It might even be motivated by a hyper aggressive kind of political correctness. I’m not sure. But traditionally, theologians and scholars deemed it important to keep the term’s meaning separate from that of others pointing to the idea of ultimate reality.

Classical Definition of Kno
Classical Definition of Knowledge (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

¹ See for details.

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