English: Jolene Blalock in Cairo
Jolene Blalock in Cairo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

T’Pol is a female Vulcan science officer in the American TV show Star Trek: Enterprise (active 2001-2005). The character is played by Jolene Blalock, who was one of the bright lights of the series. Attractive and chic, she also played the role to perfection.

At a 2002 sci-fi convention Blalock said that following Leonard Nimoy’s example (Mr. Spock) was no easy task but, judging from her popularity, she “must be doing something right.”

However, the initial enthusiasm for Enterprise quickly waned. The series couldn’t hold its audience and was canceled after four seasons. There’s been lots of speculation as to why Enterprise fell out of warp. Even co-creator and Executive Producer Brannon Braga admitted that some of the episodes were not up to the Trek standard.

Some blamed the casting of Scott Bakula. Others blamed the producers or perhaps the writers. And some said times just changed and Enterprise couldn’t keep step.

From a viewer’s perspective it seems the big wheels panicked when ratings began to slide. Enterprise lapsed into the kind of formulaic trash (e.g. extended battle scenes, sexy innuendo) that might have worked with other shows, but not with Star Trek. At its best Star Trek was innovative and progressive—and so much more than the flavor of the month.

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