O Sacrament Most Holy by Br Lawrence Lew, O.P.
O Sacrament Most Holy by Br Lawrence Lew, O.P. via Flickr

Transubstantiation is the Roman Catholic dogma that the substance of bread and wine transforms into the actual body and blood of Jesus Christ during the Eucharistic celebration of Holy Mass.

To make sense of the fact that the communion wafer doesn’t change in outward appearance, Catholic theologians rely on the Aristotelian distinction between a thing’s form and its substance.

According to this belief, the form (what we see) does not change but the substance (sometimes called the essence) does.

This opposes the popular view that the Eucharist is only a symbol of remembrance or, as some New Age believers say, a sign of human or cosmic unity. From a Catholic perspective, both of these views are inadequate.

3rd quarter of 16th century
3rd quarter of 16th century (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

While the sacrament of the Eucharist includes symbolic and unifying aspects, its heavenly mystical quality supersedes these shortsighted interpretations about its meaning and character.

In some New Age circles, there is a trend to equate the cosmic and/or astral realms with the heavenly. But for Catholics the cosmic (planets, stars, galaxies, energy), the astral (spirits, gods, goddesses), and the heavenly (sometimes revealed audio-visually but usually experienced as grace) are each different.

So for Catholics, any attempt to homogenize these realms falls short.

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  • While Catholics believe that the Eucharist need not change in physical appearance to be an effective sacrament, claims are sometimes made as to its miraculous transformation

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  1. Message of Jesus :
    “Yes,My name be praised.My Father,I and My Spirit have done the Mighty work.All will come and bow down before My Presence before the Blessed Sacrament .Let all people know,this is My desire,that all come before Me,to My throne of Grace,My Presence is truly there.It’s for all to come to adore and pay homage to their King,Lord and Saviour,the Mighty One is in their presence.They have to adore and worship.This is My command to you.You must tell people,My children,that their heavenly,eternal Father desires that.Not many of My children are coming before Me,to seek my face.They have turned away,their hearts are turned away from Me.I am waiting,I am always waiting for them to come towards Me but they will not come.You need to give this message to them;that I am waiting for them at the Blessed Sacrament.I want to give out blessings,blessings for them and to hear their needs.They will feel My power,when they pour their hearts out to Me;for as long as you seeks Me,I will be there for you.My power can work mighty in a person,who seeks Me and longs for Me”.


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