Katrine De Candole as Uriel in Dominion – Image via Tumblr

Uriel is one of the four Catholic Archangels, along with Michael, Gabriel and Raphael. He is not mentioned in the Bible but appears in various apocryphal works—that is, texts similar to the Bible but not fully accepted by a major Christian religion.

Occult and paranormal writers¹ have picked up on the apocryphal writings about Uriel and added their own, perhaps, fanciful interpretations about him (or her).

A similar doubt has been raised about the Catholic interpretation of Uriel. Non-Catholics say that many Catholic teachings are non-biblical, humanly created fictions.

This has contributed to an ongoing debate between Catholics and non-Catholics about the alleged authority of the Catholic Tradition. Contemporary Catholics believe (or appear to believe) that the Catholic faith articulates the authentic teachings of Christ as given to the apostles and recorded in scripture. They also believe (or appear to believe) that these teachings are preserved, present and developed through a legitimate and holy apostolic tradition. Again, Non-Catholics tend to see this belief as spurious.

Uriel is also mentioned in works of fiction, such as John Milton‘s Paradise Lost, where the sharp-sighted angel acts as God’s eyes and helps Raphael to defeat the pagan god, Adramelech.

¹ A broader scope is outlined here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Uriel

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