Virgo, the virgin or maiden
Virgo, the virgin or maiden (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Virgo ( August 22-September 22) is the sixth sign of the zodiac. A summer sign, Virgo is symbolized by the idea of the Virgin and associated with the planetary ruler of Mercury. Its element is Earth.

The Latin term virgo means “maid,” “maiden,” “virgin,” or “girl,” and also refers to the constellation called Virgo as well as an aqueduct near Rome.

Astrologers and other believers in astrology claim that Virgos are not stereotypically prudish virgins. Instead, they say that Virgos can be highly refined, unmarried sensual beings who enjoy privacy and solitude.

From Mercury, Virgo is said to obtain a thirst for knowledge. Prominent Virgos are Sean Connery, Michael Jackson, Stephen King and the pop star, Pink.

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