Vishnu as the incarnation Kalki
Vishnu as the incarnation Kalki (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Vishnu (Skt. to “settle” or “pervade”)

In Hinduism, Vishnu is the second deity of the Hindu Trimurti (triad) of Brahma, Vishnu, and Siva.

He rides the great eagle Garuda with his loyal consort, the goddess of prosperity and good fortune, Lakshmi, at his side.

Hindus believe that the universe passes through endless cycles of creation and destruction. Brahma is seen as the creator of the universe. Vishnu is the benevolent preserver. And one of Siva’s important roles is that of cosmic destroyer.

Vishnu is believed to have had 9 incarnations (avatars) on Earth, including Krishna. The tenth avatar, Kalki, is yet to come. It’s said that Kalki will ride a white horse when he appears.

Kalki will apparently reestablish dharma in our age of (alleged) moral decline, the Kali-yuga. Whether or not humanity really has declined morally is a highly debatable point. But these kinds of issues are often overlooked by religious people of all persuasions who make sense of their experience by, or possibly take comfort in, ancient stories, myths and legends instead of doing the hard work of sober-minded thinking.

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