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Standing Wave - Fort Clonque

Standing Wave – Fort Clonque (Photo credit: alderney boy)

In physics a physical wave is defined as a regular disturbance in a medium, the net result being a transfer of energy.

Electromagnetic waves, however, may travel through either a medium or a vacuum.¹

Many New Age writers dubiously liken waves to matter/energy and to spirit. According to this assumption, the Holy Spirit could be measured with some kind of metering system.

This perspective seems lacking because it excludes a whole realm of grace and spirit that many say exists beyond but also within the world of matter and energy. That is, spirit is immanent within matter/energy. This is very different from saying that spirit is the same thing as matter/energy.

Perhaps those who have not experienced the numinous quality of spirit will continue to suppose that matter/energy is equivalent to spirit, or, worse, reduce all things spiritual to vulgar materialistic or psychoanalytic theories.

A standing wave (black) depicted as the sum of...

A standing wave (black) depicted as the sum of two propagating waves traveling in opposite directions (red and blue). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In Christian theology, God’s grace is immanent but qualitatively different from experiences originating from the natural world of matter/energy.  So spiritual experience is totally different from, say, the aesthetic appreciation of a sunset or an endorphin rush from jogging.

Again, this distinction eludes some people. And to complicate things, many depth psychologists, mystics and poets say there are a variety of spiritual experiences—and each is qualitatively different from the realm of matter/energy.

¹ As we currently define a vacuum, that is. Most would say that an absolute vacuum is “empty,” but we could argue that spirit, being qualitatively different from matter/energy, might exist in a vacuum.

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