The Last Sleep of Arthur via Wikipedia

In Arthurian legend Avalon is the enchanted island of apples and lush vegetation where people are said to live over 100 years.

First mentioned by Geoffrey of Monmouth in his Historia regum Brittaniae (c. 1136), we have to remember that, at that time, 100 years represented an unusually long lifespan.

Avalon is also the place where King Arthur’s famous sword Excalibur was forged. Various Arthurian legends portray Avalon as a mystical realm replete with faeries and enchanted beings. These otherworldly beings interact with heroes on Earth.

Morgan le Fay is said to rule Avalon. She’s a somewhat contradictory fairie, enchantress, sister of Arthur and, in later legend, malignant sorceress.

In 1982 the art rock band Roxy Music released a best selling record called “Avalon.”

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