Image from original “Wealth, yeah right” by Fire Monkey Fish via Flickr

Artha is a concept based on Vedic principles. Basically, it’s the pursuit of wealth and the least noble of the four Hindu objectives or “worthwhile aspirations.”

When pursued in accord with one’s dharma, the role is honorable. The seeker goes after wealth for God’s purpose, not out of greed, snobbishness, fear or self-aggrandizement.

So in a nutshell, the pursuit of wealth is okay in Hinduism, provided it’s in line with God’s will, which traditionally finds its expression when a man is in the “householder” (Garhashtya) stage of life.

As the following article suggests, the traditionally supportive and nurturing role of women at this stage of life is pretty clear.


Today, however, the scene is slowly changing and career women are breaking the traditional expectations of Vedic teachings.

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