Jonathan Archer

Scott Bakula, an American actor widely known f...
Scott Bakula, an American actor widely known for playing Jonathan Archer in Star Trek: Enterprise stands at the Hamilton Benefit on May 10 2005. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Jonathan Archer is the captain of the original starship Enterprise in the American TV show of the same title (2001-05). The character is played by actor Scott Bakula. Prior to his role as Archer, Bakula starred in the sci-fi TV series, Quantum Leap (1989-93), a show about time travel.

Some critics of Star Trek: Enterprise, a series initially with good ratings that steadily dropped, said Bakula was miscast or, worse, unworthy of the role. The series was canceled after four seasons, which in the Star Trek universe isn’t a total flop nor a great success.

From watching reruns today it seems the commercial demise of the show wasn’t about casting Bakula as captain. If anything, it was about inconsistent writing (sometimes lapsing into formulaic trash), bad timing and other factors. Co-creator and executive producer Branon Braga once said it pained him when his series wasn’t up to scratch. So even he knew it had problems.

Newer programs like BattleStar Galactica: Reimagined, Kyle XY, Dr. Who (series 1) and Oprhan Black suggest that sci-fi was heading in new directions at warp speed, whereas Enterprise and its writers seemed to be stuck in impulse drive. And for a while, it seemed like the franchise had gone the way of the dinosaur.


Enter director J.J. Abrams with Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto and others to reboot the idea for a whole new generation.



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