“Aquarius” by gorgeoux via Flickr

Aquarius (Latin aquarius = water-carrier, January 21-February 19)

A large zodiacal constellation located between Pisces and Capricorn.

Aquarius is the 11th and a winter sign symbolized by the water bearer and associated with the planetary rulers of Uranus or Saturn, depending on who you’re talking to. Its element is air.

In popular astrology the Aquarius personality is apparently creative, joyful, sociable, intuitive, determined and intelligent, with the possible downside of quirkiness and neurosis.

From Uranus, a Roman sky god, Aquarians are said to acquire spiritual lightness, whereas Saturn provides joy and peace.

Again, depending on who you’re talking to, we’re either currently in the “Age of Aquarius” or it’s next to come.

The composer Mozart and Boris Yeltsin were both under this sign.

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