English: Statue of Cupid and Psyche From an or...
Statue of Cupid and Psyche From an original of 2nd century BC Marble, cm 125,4 Inventory: inv. MC0408 Italiano: Statua di Amore e Psiche Da un originale greco del II secolo a.C. Marmo, cm 125,4 Français : Statue d’Amour et Psyché D’après un original grec du IIe siècle av. JC. Marbre, cm 125,4 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Apuleus was a 2nd century Latin writer who portrayed Cupid in The Golden Ass as the lover of Psyche. He’s not the first to depict the timeless tale of Cupid and Pscyhe, which goes back at least to the 4th century BCE where its depicted in Greek art.

His most famous work is his bawdy picaresque novel, the Metamorphoses, otherwise known as The Golden Ass. It is the only Latin novel that has survived in its entirety. It relates the ludicrous adventures of one Lucius, who experiments with magic and is accidentally turned into a donkey

¹ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Apuleius


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