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In Biblical and religious studies ‘apocalyptic literature’ refers to Jewish and Christian texts denoting a future time, usually an end time in which God’s justice prevails over the evils of this world.

In Christianity, the destruction of this world is to be followed by a “new heaven and a new earth” as outlined in this last book of the New Testament, also called the Book of Revelation.

More recently, the Mayan Calendar apparently predicted that I shouldn’t be writing this right now, because the end of the world was supposed to happen on December 21, 2012. At least, this is what many alarmists preached. When the world didn’t end, the whole idea was recast, “Oh did we say the world was going to end? No no, it was just going to transform.”

Well, anyone with a bit of sense can put one word down for that kind of ex post facto fudging. And that word is HOGWASH.

Interestingly enough, many of the early Christians believed the world would end in their lifetimes, and lived accordingly. And we find many fanatics today who jump at any catastrophe, claiming its a sign that the world is about to end. Too bad they don’t realize that the kingdom of God can be here and now, if not fully, at least tangibly.

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