Museum of Anthropology by masabu via Flickr

Anthropology (Greek anthropos: humans + logos: thought) is the all-inclusive study of human beings.

Its two main branches are physical and cultural anthropology. Physical anthropology deals mostly with physiological issues while cultural anthropology, not surprisingly, examines cultural development. The systematic study of language, art and myth emerged from cultural anthropology.

In the 1930’s a further distinction was made between cultural and social anthropology. Cultural anthropology came to mean a holistic view of how social acts relate to larger systems, whereas social anthropology became the study of specific social practices.

Also related to anthropology is archaeology and its various attempts to recreate historical societies and accurately date uncovered artifacts.

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  1. It is a great introduction text. I just want to add two other fields of anthropology for those who might want to look: Linguistic Anthropology and Medical Anthropology. Interdisciplinary of fields is amazing and I believe it helps us much more than ever.


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