Aliens and Extraterrestrials (ETs)

Classical Martian by Toshiyuki IMAI matsuyuki via Flickr

The belief in aliens from other worlds (often called extraterrestrials or ETs) has existed for centuries, and reports of alleged sightings go back just as far. Out of many historical indications of ET sightings I’ll note three salient ones:

  • 47,000 year-old rock carvings in the Hunan province of China could be interpreted as evidence for UFOs
  • Airborne “fire circles” were reported to the Egyptian Pharaoh Thutmose III (1504-1450 BCE)
  • In the Middle Ages an English abbot and several monks were alarmed when they saw “‘…a flat, round, shining silver discus’ soar over their abbey. And in 1733 a certain ‘Mr. Cracker’ and ‘another gentleman…about 15 miles north of where I saw it’ spied a UFO with color like ‘burnished, or new washed silver.’ It sped ‘like a star falling…but it had a body much larger.'”¹

It’s conceivable that representations of the burning force emanating from the Hindu god Siva’s third eye are really ancient depictions of an alien death-ray. And the same could be said of the lightning bolts of Zeus and Jupiter. And Biblical accounts of the “pillar of light” in the sky that lead Moses and his people out of Egypt are sometimes taken as evidence of alien visitation.

Cover of Angels and Aliens: UFO’s and the Mythic Imagination by Keith Thompson (via Amazon)

On the other hand, theologians argue that religious miracles stem from an entirely different source than our physical universe and are qualitatively different from ET phenomena. Along these lines, Keith Thompson in Angels and Aliens asks whether angels and aliens are the same or different.²

Today, media coverage on aliens has reached a new level. New theories and claims appear on TV, radio, and the internet. And ETs are a significant part of pop culture.³

ET theorists variously envision aliens as saviors, helpers, or destroyers of humanity. Along these lines, Omnec Onec says she is a 246 year-old extraterrestrial raised on Venus who in 1955 traveled to Earth to spread the message of brotherhood and love. Meanwhile some Biblical fundamentalists see all aliens as deceiving demons.

Perhaps most interesting to psychologists and parapsychologists, psi abilities reportedly increase with exposure to aliens.4 If so, the question remains as to whether these abilities are helpful or harmful. To assume that all psychics are sweet and kind would be naive. By the same token, to assume that all psychics are evil would be misguided.

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¹ Mysteries of the Unexplained (Readers Digest, 1992, p. 209).

² Keith Thompson, Angels and Aliens (Fawcett: 1991).

³ George Noory’s Coast to Coast AM is a good example of not only ET lore, but pretty much all things unconventional.

4 Along with psi abilities, other phenomena have been reported, such as “missing time” (the apparent forgetting of events and returning to lucidity as if no time had passed at all). Some claim to remember abduction experiences, usually on board an ET spacecraft. Others claim to be emissaries from an ET world, or somehow merging with ET consciousness while living here on Earth.



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