Akashic Records

£20 Holograms by austinevan via Flickr

Derived from the Hindu (Sanskrit) and Buddhist (Pali) understanding of akasha (= ether, subtle space, the forms of space), the Akashic Records is a term used by Theosophy and Anthroposophy to denote a cosmic memory bank of all that ever was, said to exist on a non-physical astral plane.

The term is often used by believers, some of whom may have certain experiences that lead them to believe that they have access to the highest available knowledge. Some also believe that the records are continually updated, as if the universe is a kind of supercomputer that automatically downloads updates to those capable of receiving them. In fact, not a few alleged psychics, intuitives and New Age enthusiasts claim to be able to tune in and ‘read’ from the Akashic records.

Edgar Cayce apparently was gifted in a similar way, merely holding books to his stomach to automatically absorb their information. And Rudolf Steiner believed that he accessed the Akashic Records to learn about the legendary city of Atlantis.

Recently, the term Remote Viewing (RV) describes the supposed interior seeing of objects at a distance—that is, beyond the normal senses. Some RVers describe this in terms of accessing a kind of ‘holographic memory bank.’

Like the Akashic Records, this holographic database is said to reveal the past, present and future probabilities. The term probabilities is used by psi researchers like Dale Graff and Russell Targ to underscore their assertion that future events cannot be remote viewed with 100% accuracy.

Some see the holographic mind (or holographic mind levels) as a metaphor or theoretical construct, while others present the idea as fact. And whenever someone presents theory as fact, we really leave the field of science and enter into religion.



    • Thanks for all this info. I think she is another author that I’ll have to put on the “to-do” list at earthpages.ca. Last night I realized I haven’t even covered Archimedes! So many notables I have to catch up on. Maybe the community could help by writing some of these. I’d like to follow the Wiki idea of anyone contributing to this. But I diverge from Wiki when it comes to assuming that objectivity is possible. Or perhaps objectivity is very rare, when knowledge is revealed from on high. But other than that, I think people are almost always subjective to some degree.


      • Yes, objectivity, or near objectivity would be rare. We would need to be superhuman to be truly objective, but then our superhuman state would appear subjective to observers. Science fancies itself objective, yet is often way short of that. People believe as they do by virtue of what they are.


        • Yes, I mean let’s face it. If you told me you were in touch with higher beings and I told you that I’d seen God, we’d probably both be a little skeptical (in the healthy sense of the term) of each other’s claims. The trick is to also apply that healthy skepticism to our own beliefs. In doing so we may not reject them outright but we might modify them somewhat.

          So many people have mystical/intuitive/unconventional experiences and never process them analytically. IMHO they like the way their experiences make them feel superior to others. This can lead to extremism and possibly to insanity. Adler’s inferiority/superiority complex comes to mind here.


  1. The Akashic Records spiritually have been rumored to have been updated

    to something called the Knowledgebase, it can be accessed by saying, what

    would Royal Queen Georgia Marie Bailey Do? Mention it several times, and

    it pulls up the arches, on the face of the planet.


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