George Adamski

Medicine Wheel, a Native American sacred site ...
Medicine Wheel, a Native American sacred site and National Historic Landmark in Wyoming (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

George Adamski (1891–1965) was a Polish-born American who wrote about his alleged encounters with extraterrestrials and their spacecraft.

In his book written with Desmond Leslie, Flying Saucers Have Landed (1953), Adamski claims that beautiful, benevolent beings invited him aboard their spaceship.

Adamski says the ship’s pilot was telepathically connected to the propulsion system. By linking thought waves and advanced technology, the alien pilots tapped into supposed harmonic rhythms of the universe.

According to Adamski, this link enabled their penetration and travel through space-time. Adamski’s diagram of the circular transportation system is likened to the Hopi medicine wheel.

Adamski also says that the minds of human beings are far too chaotic and undisciplined to meaningfully (and safely) harness such a technology. This recalls Arthur Koestler‘s notion that the human brain, by virtue of its (apparently) random evolution from a primitive to complex morphology, is inherently conflicted.

The idea of linking mind and machine is intriguing. Even mankind is taking elementary steps in this direction. But are Adamski’s claims true?

Critics of Adamski are many. Most believe that his stories are hoaxes, as the following aptly illustrates.

One aspect of the UFO story does seem to be deeply involved in hoax. This is the so-called contactee cult. Many people now located over much of the world claim to have had direct contact with the flying-saucer people. (Adamski and Leslie, 1958; UFO International).

Perhaps the contactee is informed by mental telepathy that he should report promptly to a certain lonely spot in the desert. Upon obeying, he is met by a flying saucer whose occupants are, as a rule, beautifully humanoid and who frequently take him into their confidence by allowing him to photograph themselves and their craft, inviting him in for a look at the control panels, and perhaps taking him for a quick spin, sometimes to Mars or Venus but best of all to the mysterious planet on the other side of the sun, unobservable from mother earth.

Everything about these stories seems to cry hoax. The proof is typically a series of photographs (which could easily be fraudulent) and copious quantities of pseudoscience. Someone who had really contacted visitors from another world should surely be able to do better than that. Why should visitors from another world bother with such obscure representatives of the human race, anyway? Their message is always that man must cease his wars or be destroyed, but why should such an important message be given to someone who is bound to be considered a liar when he delivers it?¹

And from Wikipedia:

The most common arguments contrary to Adamski’s claims forwarded by skeptics in the 1950s is that living on the planet Venus was technologically impossible considering Earth’s technological advancement (in the 1950s), owing to its environmental conditions. These conditions include an atmospheric pressure at the planet’s surface which is 92 times that of Earth, clouds composed of a substance thought to be sulfuric acid, and an average surface temperature of 461.85 °C. It follows that, no human from Earth could live on the surface of the planet without a highly developed technology (such as the modern Antarctic bases, underwater submarine docks and the planned Moon bases and space stations developed by NASA in the 21st century), and as a result most considered Mr. Adamski’s claims to be a technological impossibility for the 1950s. It should be noted however, that the alleged Venusian visitors stated they lived in underground cities, thus not being exposed to hostile conditions on the surface.²

¹ Frank B. Salisbury, “The Scientist and the UFO” in BioScience, Vol. 17, No. 1, (Jan., 1967: 15-24, p. 19).


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  1. Thank you for visiting my humble blog about to be moved in few months to a site for mystical photographs some of which are simply cloud formations and others REAL enough to speak for themselves. George Adamski has appeared in many dreams to me all of which were about health problems for others and ALL bore out as being true prophecies. I believe that there’s a lot of truth in Adamski’s claims though the information may well have been meant as Interdimensional rather than actual. However I had a few short teachings from this man about our Spirituality which I’d not written about until I saw this so will do soon. Interesting place here. There’s a LOT going on up there and down here all my itself! Quantum physics now bears this out. UFO’s like ghosts can sometimes be solid and sometimes energy-form so unless we are attached to them perhaps we will never know the whole truth but only part of what we think some of them are not counting the hoaxes and Chinese lanterns. Not in here often so apologise for length of the comment. Good health and peace to you and all. THINKING is a real life force too.


      • You are welcome. Everything I write is simply as I dreamed it with the end results which is often different from what the person was involved in in their life on earth. There’s still a mystery on these and I do NOT like this. TIME may tell with more research being done on our our human brains…quantum physics etc. know now there’s particles which leave and come back. This is amazing find…We are ALL a mystery…Ha. Ha. Will drop by later after work on telephones…


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