Michael H. Brown

Arkhangelsk (Arkhangelsk oblast), coat of arms...
Arkhangelsk (Arkhangelsk oblast), coat of arms (1998) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Michael H. Brown (19?? – ) is a Catholic writer who talks about his personal encounters with odd and unconventional mystical perceptions in day to day life. A former columnist for the New York Times, this makes him different from many paranormal writers. His works tend to be well-written and lacking in the abstract woollyness that mark so many New Age publications.

In Prayer of the Warrior Brown says he left his post at the newspaper because of an increased perception of spiritual pollution in the business world. He believed he saw Satan lurking practically everywhere—in downtown streets, during business lunches, and within the popular media.

Quite outspoken, the following is a good example of his views about the influence of Satan in popular culture:

Instead of Yoruba drums, we had movies, the stereo, the television. One of the hit TV shows was called Bewitched.¹

If a bit overzealous at times, Prayer of the Warrior illustrates a popular belief in the importance of humility and prayer in overcoming what many religious traditions see as “attacks” from evil spiritual beings, forces or powers. In Catholicism this idea is generally understood to fall within the realm of “Spiritual Warfare.”

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¹ Milford, OH: Faith Publishing Co., 1993, p. 103.


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