Bombay, Group of Brahmins, Parbu Caste
Bombay, Group of Brahmins, Parbu Caste (Photo credit: Museum of Photographic Arts Collections)

Brahmanism is an early type of Indian religion that was prominent during the Vedic Period (c.1200-500 BCE). It’s usually regarded by Hindus as the origin of their faith. The sacred scripture of the Vedas, upon which its based, exalted the Brahmin caste. And members of the Brahmin caste were the power brokers of ancient Indian society, controlling both priestly and secular life.

The Brahmins’ alleged authority was based on learning. They alone were permitted to recite sacred scripture and perform sacrificial rituals.

The term Brahmanism is still applied today, denoting orthodox Hinduism under the priesthood in contrast to popular and mystical Hinduism. Some mystics tend to devalue the supposed authority of Brahmin priests, while others see them as necessary, if limited in their knowledge of matters spiritual.

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