Eighteenth century Vaishnava painting deciptin...
Eighteenth century Vaishnava painting decipting Vishnu,on the serpent Anant Shesha with consort Lakshmi,pressing his feet; sage Markandeya paying his respects to Vishnu, while Brahma emerges in a lotus from Vishnu’s navel (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Brahma is the first and creative aspect of God in the Hindu triad (trimurti) of Brahma (creation), Vishnu (preservation) and Shiva (destruction). He’s the father of Manu. And, as Wikipedia tells us, from Manu all human beings are descended.

Although Brahma as creator is on a par with Vishnu and Shiva in terms of status, he has no special bhakti cult, making him less well-known than the two other aspects of the trimurti.

Some writers mistakenly equate Brahma with the Brahman (which Hindus believe is an eternal and entirely impersonal Ultimate Reality).


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