The Bible Code

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The Bible Code is a best selling book by Michael Drosnin which, if anything, demonstrates the popular craving for novelty and a sense of wonder.

I’ve talked to otherwise intelligent people who are impressed by this highly questionable book. But when you try to talk with them intelligently about what it says, they’ll usually blank out. They don’t want their fun ruined.

The author claims that meaningful words may be discerned when an ELS (Equidistant Letter Sequence) method is used to rearrange transliterated Bible characters.

Critics note that the same kind of results can be found when the method is applied to non-biblical books. Also, the choosing of the specific grid pattern is not well explained. The inside book cover merely says that “the computer” generated the pattern. No explanation is given as why a certain number of rows and columns were chosen for the matrix found in The Bible Code.



  1. it reminds me of the old saying, “you hear what you want o hear and see what you want to see”

    I believe in mystery, I also believe in coincidence… I read the Bible Code and its follow up… I actually did find some interesting concepts in there… things which could be useful and hold knowledge… as for the “implications” Not there yet…


  2. There is a vast range of possible code languages that can be created, such as those created during world War II. Many different code languages were used to send secret messages.

    Thus if man stumbles into one possible code language, a “False Bible Code” language, and then says that this is the one and only BIBLE CODE language, this would only be said by an absolute fool.

    If this “False Bible Code” language was later analyzed, and it was said to be nothing but a farce, then so be it. But if in turn they also say that “BIBLE CODES” in general are therefore nothing but a farce, this would only be said by an absolute fool.

    Proving that “False Bible Codes” are a farce, is proving that “False Bible Codes” are a farce.

    Proving that “False Bible Codes” are a farce, does not prove that “True Bible Codes” are a farce.

    Many different cars exist. If I said that all cars were lemons, and did so after examining just one car that did turn out to be a lemon, does that mean that my thinking is logical and sane?

    Thus the saying that “True Bible Codes” are a farce because “False Bible Codes” are a farce, would only be said by an absolute fool. Unfortunately, many fools have spoken.

    God managed to place both proof of his existence, and proof of Jesus Christ’s existence within the Bible, and did so in such a clever yet simple and unique encoded manner.

    To see this encoded proof, go to

    Then click on the flashing words “Watch / Listen”. This takes you on a web page tour and does so via automatic web page scrolling that works in sync with the audio coverage.


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