Clairvoyance (Photo credit: Barry Yanowitz)

Clairvoyance (French clair = “clear” and voyance = “vision”)

Just as the nineteenth-century medium is now called the channeler, and the former New Thought movement has been recast as the New Age, clairvoyance is a slightly antiquated term that’s been updated with the more specific ideas of psi, PK, and remote viewing.

The term clairvoyance seems to be making a bit of a comeback, however. It’s still being used as an umbrella term for practically every type of alleged paranormal perception—i.e. perception beyond the range of the normal senses.

Critics of the idea say that there’s no real hard scientific evidence to support clairvoyance. Sympathizers say that successful clairvoyance hinges on delicate factors, making scientific replication impractical.

Believers in God who are not hostile to clairvoyance (as some devilish trick) add that successful inner vision is entirely dependent on God’s will. That is, God permits clairvoyance to happen in specific situations for some good reason. If this is true, then it is ludicrous for science to expect God to always bend to the demands of scientific investigators. Skeptics like James Randi seem totally oblivious to this possibility. For them, if something cannot be replicated in a controlled experiment, it never happened.

Suburbanclairvoyant nicely sums up how many clairvoyants (and those sympathetic to the idea) would likely see skeptics and scientists who overreach the inherent limitations of science:

…the words “controlled experiment” are an oxymoron in the Clair world, and make me laugh. :) There’s no pinning this down. It just is what it is…¹

¹ See full comment.

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  1. HI Earthpages, thanks for including my post about the shootings here. Nice Blog – great information. I think I’ll include it when we have our next meeting of the Traveling Psychic Supper Club – new members are always looking for information and places to refer to. I also enjoy that you have mentioned New Thought here, and I always laugh because it is the “oldest” thought around! Looking forward to exploring the site. Also, one last note, for sceptics…the words “controlled experiment” are an oxymoron in the Clair world, and make me laugh. 🙂 There’s no pinning this down. It just is what it is…


  2. Hi thanks for your comments. As you can see I highlighted some of them.

    I first came across that “New Thought” idea in William James’ The Varieties of Religious Experience. It has at least a whole chapter on antiquated notions that have carried through with new names today. I think another group back then was called the Mind Cure movement, or something like that. Book is buried in my bookshelves somewhere… 🙂

    Thanks again for taking the time to add your insights. Much appreciated.


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